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When you are 15….

Have you seen those old weekend update bits where Stefan tells Seth Myers about this club that had everything…..Then he bites his nails and rattles off some crazy stuff like, “Inside it’s just everything: lights, pyschos, Furbies, screaming-babies in Mozart wigs, sunburned drifters with soap sub beards.” That was basically, the State’s case. Everything. The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the trial streak last week.

Like Stefan, the State had: DNA on a cup, fired up witnesses, rope, half of the police officers in the state, Facebook messenger, a pinged cell phone and maps. So many maps. I got zero offer. Maximum sentence under law was the offer. The streak was looking as bleak as a period drama on PBS. But that’s why you try the case. Start planting those seeds of reasonable doubt early in hopes they will germinate during closing argument. So what happens when a prosecutor’s dream case runs against a 15 win streak? The immovable object versus the irresistible force.

Not guilty on the kidnapping. Not guilty on the aggravated robbery. Not guilty on the assault in the second degree. Not guilty on the False Imprisonment. 40 year/1200 month offer, down to zero. Zero months.

15. The streak is still alive.