Ethan Allen


Ethan Allen graduated from Hamline University School of Law and received his Bachelor's degree from Hamline University. While attending law school, Ethan gained valuable experience working as a law clerk for the Minnesota State Public Defender's Office.

Ethan also obtained significant exposure to the practice of criminal law while clerking at a law firm in Alaska for two summers. Upon graduating from law school, Ethan accepted a position with the Public Defender's Office, where he has handled a variety of criminal matters. As a public defender, Ethan has represented thousands of clients, facing all types of charges ranging from relatively minor misdemeanor charges to serious felony charges.

Likewise, as a private attorney, Ethan focuses his practice on criminal defense—representing clients charged with traffic violations, DWI's, assault, and murder.  Ethan has personally tried 20 cases to a jury.  He has been victorious 15 times.  A winning percentage of 75% seems like a story line out of an out of John Grisham book rather than real life.

In his free time, Ethan enjoys playing hockey and golf. Ethan also enjoys fishing and hunting, especially when he returns to the places he loved to hunt and fish in Alaska as a child.

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